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Gay Rights Demonstration - Albany, NY 1971

Diana Davies photographs, 1965-1978 

[Source: NYPL Archives]


Needlefelted brooches by Lisa Jordan

I just came

I just came

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New Atheism vs. Atheism Plus

Atheism plus shit


Marlon Brando photographed by Ed Clark during the rehearsals for The Men, 1949.



im screaming rn


A man gets confronted for being with his children without his wife 

Misandry sucks


It’s okay guys, he doesn’t mean it.

The comment there is pure evil. Is it bad that my second thoughts on this are sex related?

Misandry - The hatred of men: To make a child you need sperm and an egg, at some point in the... 


To make a child you need sperm and an egg, at some point in the process you need a man and a woman. Without one you could not have the other. Both are essential for reproduction. Each one has innate advantages and disadvantages, neither is better than the other. There are some things one can do…

These have been my thoughts for a long time. gender roles had a reason for existing but have outlived their purpose and become counterintuitive. In many ways, we have outgrown our biology.

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